All appointments are scheduled  in  advance with a  deposit.. Equine rates. first session 60-90 minutes includes Gait analysis.   $ 175   Sessions after  initial assessment $125.  May  include  travel  charge.  Canine in home  $ 90. per session  Travel  charge may  occur  if  outside service  area.Please be on time, horse secured in a quiet area. Please be respectful. If I have to get your horse from paddock and groom before the session the treatment time is limited. Payment is taken before I work on your animal. Please tell the barn manager or owner of your appointment so it doesn't interfere with feeding, lessons or a busy show schedule. A quiet area away from distractions is best.


Animals benefit from consistent massage. One massage won’t  fix the problem.  Please  complete the  medical  history  form.  This  is  to  ensure  there  are  no  contraindications.  Recent  surgeries  or  ongoing  medical conditions may  require veterinary approval.  Animals  in  distress  will  not  be  massaged.  Massage therapists do  not  diagnose conditions or  prescribe medication.  If  you  have  a  concern,  please  consult  your  Veterinarian.


Please respect your therapist as you  would any other professional.

It is very counter productive to be interrupted with distractions and questions. This is your time for your animal to maximize his health. Gratuities are welcome and appreciated just like a human therapist. The goal is always to provide great service. Thanks in advance.


24 hours notice is required or you will be billed for the full session. Frequently cancelled appointments will not be rescheduled.